Small-Incision Vitrectomy

Small-Incision Vitrectomy

A 23 or a 25-gauge sutureless Vitrectomy involves removing the jellylike substance (the vitreous) from inside the eye. 23 or 25-gauge refers to the size of the incision. Complicated retinal problems, such as macular puckers (scar tissue on the retina), macular holes (a break in the center part of the retina), retinal detachments and bleeding inside the eye related to diabetic eye disease can be repaired using Vitrectomy and other surgical techniques.

With less tissue manipulation, this new technology ( Small Incision Vitrectomy) has tremendous benefits for patients:

  • Significantly less operating time
  • Faster visual recovery
  • Decreased risk of complications
  • Less post-operative discomfort

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